Project Rescue

Don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel?

Are you the person/agent paying for the s/w? If not, more often than not, you’d think that the project is in a stable state.
Have you considered cancelling the project with seriousness? If not, we respectfully submit that you are almost surely not ready to be rescued.

Has the software been ‘almost’ ready for many moons? If not the rescue is easy and needs only a bit of fresh air.

If you have answered with an emphatic YES to the above questions we will help you out of the quicksand, for a price;

In all possibility, this is going to be in the range of 20% to 40% of the project cost already sunk.

On second thoughts you could close the project and we can help you draw lessons so that the next s/w dev investment obtains the correct working software.

Has the software development team ballooned to many dozens, if not hundreds of people? If so, the cure needs a dose of bitter medicine.

BTW we are NOT going to help you fight self-inflicted fires, BUT will bring current activity to a standstill! Then conduct a root and branch re-organisation… but this is not mainly about the organisation, but technically we fix your architecture and software build infra process.

Remember activity is not the same as progress. Should this be too radical, please look elsewhere/ we can’t really help you here.

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