Software Architecting

Convert your vision to virtual reality.

Architecting and Re-architecting

Wish to build platforms? count on us. Product re-engineering for a ball of mud? We take you out of the swamp. Need to weave data collection and processing into your system, talk to us. In short, if you need to shear the lock, come holm to us.

Our strengths are low latency, high-throughput, data-fuelled systems. We offer software architecture (or even re-architecting) consulting at Tell and Show levels of service. This may involve cloudification, data engineering, performance tuning, technical-debt reduction and internationalisation.

Software products with high availability, scalability, data integrity and many other capabilities are sine qua non, these days. We create high-grade PoCs and follow up with hand-holding so your team can build the full system.

We have also come across situations where products had to be adapted for the changing world, in the bargain the architecture needed upgrading. The case for re-architecting, but what of the live product? Often the current product has high technical debt, we are experts in helping you stabilize the code while injecting re-architected modules.

Read our case study on ”Product Rearchitecting for new generation

We have a remarkably wide, deep and strong programming and architecting background in open systems. This will be a boon for product managers who are anxious to convert their vision to working software. We have a strong tilt towards the a.out/.jar mode of architecting as opposed to the .ppt

Service highlights:

  1. Architecture and product development process assessments
  2. Cloud enablement and re-architecting monoliths to micro-services
  3. Technical Debt reduction
  4. Data handling and engineering
  5. Experimental spikes for new platforms/languages
  6. Development capability boosting

Our experience of working with some of the world’s best programmers, cutting edge technology enables us to understand and provide effective solutions, BUT only after understanding your problem well.

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