Project Rescue


In general, our engagements (except Project rescue) span three phases:

  1. Initial study and assessment
  2. Detailed analysis and implementation
  3. Handover and sustainability


Tell you, Show your team and Do it for you.

High end consulting – Telling (Advisory)
Hand-holding – Showing and possibly supervising (Demonstrative)
Implementation/Development – Doing (Execution)


Engagement models maybe T&M or Fixed price possibly with an additional success as well as change request fee.

Digital Transformation/Data Analysis: T&M or Fixed plus success fee (Depending upon fresh information)

Software Development: Team-based, T&M

Project rescue: T&M plus a success fee

Product re-architecting: Initial study pro bono; Plan and Roadmap- Fixed Price

Virtual CTO and CDO services: T&M

Technical/Process Due diligence: T&M

We are prepared to discuss other more appropriate models, but we will not negotiate on purely fixed price offers (unless significant new/additional information is under consideration)

N.B: We will do the most crucial parts of your portfolio, and are not interested in being involved in a sideshow of a sideshow.