The SwanSpeed Academy conducts courses which aim to plug important gaps in capability observed in various organisations during the course of our consulting assignments. These have been designed to provide exactly the kind of background and information, which otherwise is very difficult to gather in a reasonable time period and not provided by anyone else, at least not in one place at the same time. We offer digital certificates, but the main focus is to gain knowledge and expertise, which is difficult to acquire. In the near future we could expand our course catalogue as per need.

Empowering successful products:
Ignite Brilliance with our Expert-led Technical Talks

These presentations, expertly crafted and designed for progressive learning, are the ultimate knowledge-sharing opportunity to keep your teams at the forefront of the rapidly evolving tech landscape. Our seasoned professionals offer a comprehensive approach to technical education, blending in-depth analysis and practical applications to elevate your team’s understanding and capabilities.

Courses We Offer

Design and Architecture Bootcamp (Java)

What is this bootcamp about

This bootcamp is a short, intensive session with exercises applied in a time bound manner. It is NOT another course for learning the Java programming language from scratch. Using core Java as the vehicle, the bootcamp’s aim is to prepare the participants for dealing with development of non-trivial applications, the right way.

The bootcamp is driven by hands-on exercises (less-talk, more-do). It is during the analysis of problems, considering solutions and reflections on what works (and doesn’t) that participants understand how a system is to be built. The exercises:

  • Are interesting and realistic
  • Emphasise good practices
  • Leave a feeling of DONE and quest for further exploration

Instead of going through a cook-book style session, the participants will go through a try-and-fail-then-succeed style session. They may struggle but then, the struggle brings about lasting learning.

Product Innovation Workshop (Product Design via User Stories)

What the workshop is about

This is an innovative course in more ways than one. Here the focus is on demonstrating how team members can take advantage of their varied skills to create great software products. They do this by employing the user-story format. This course is intensely practical and develops understanding almost completely by the way of exercises [Handouts are provided]. Topics around managing innovation are also covered.

The course also provides tips to managers and product owners on how to manage innovation (ideas) and understand why some teams buzz with energy and ideas.

Short Introductory talks (90 min)
  • Introduction to Forecasting
    • A broad overview of forecasting quickly narrowing to Time Series Forecasting using a case-study for some depth.  
  • Serverless Architecture
    • Serverless architectures are demystified with the possibilities and limitations discussed
  • Retail Analytics
    • Application of predictive analytics, particularly forecasting along with challenges and benefits is presented.
  • Mathematics for DA and ML
    • Data fuelled analytics and machine learning are underpinned by mathematics, particularly linear algebra; a glimpse of how things under the hood is provided.
Data Analytics Certification 18 days – in collaboration with ISI, Pune.