Srinivas Chillara

Srinivas Chillara

Managing Partner & Principal Consultant

B. Tech IIT Kharagpur,
M.Sc Reading University, UK

Data Analytics and Scrum Expert. Drives execution and enables evidence-based decision making. Over two decades of wide experience and deep knowledge. Srinivas had taken up assignments with Nokia, NSE, IONA, Oracle and many more companies and has worked in India, UK and Ireland, trained units in India, Europe, Thailand and the USA. He has a track record of high impact results over the last decade.

Srinivas Chillara

Nirmalya Sengupta

Serverside Architect & Technologist

B. Sc Calcutta University

Expertise in server-side architecture, employing FSM, Event-based workflow, Actors and Functional Programming techniques. Worked in India and Ireland, building CORBA-based ORBS, Credit Card protocol handlers, MMoG, Telecom CDR processing, including a handful of other areas, all characterized by high-throughput/low-latency behaviour.

Srinivas Chillara

Anand Kumar Keshavan

Managing Partner & Emeritus Architect

B. Com Delhi University

Systems architect and compiler expert. Wields computer science to attack complex problems. Led serious GNU compiler development effort. Three decades of wide experience and deep knowledge. Worked with organisations such as Renesas, Hitachi, Ruksan, ThoughtWorks, in India, UK, USA and Japan. Often made a crucial difference in both technical and managerial roles.

Srinivas Chillara

Alok Mishra

ML & Cloud Expert

B. tech, IIT 1995
M.Sc, Imperial College, London UK, 2004
M.Sc, Univ of Edinburgh, UK, 2005
PhD in Bioinformatics/Machine Learning, Imperial College, 2008

Building complex large scale data-guided ML systems. With remarkable international experience, and have both depth and breadth, Dr Mishra has just joined us to provide serious expertise in ML and SMAC stack. He has worked in very large companies as well as startups and successfully grown a start-up through a couple of avatars and very interesting applications.

Srinivas Chillara

Dr. Ravi Manumachu Reddy

HPC Expert

B.Tech, IIT Madras 1998
PhD in high-performance heterogeneous computing, UCD Ireland, 2005

Dr Reddy is a world-renowned expert in parallel and distributed computing. He has been pursuing interests in high-performance computing for two decades now. He is the author of functional performance and energy models of computation, Heterogeneous MPI – an extension of MPI – for heterogeneous clusters, Heterogeneous ScaLAPACK, a linear algebra package for heterogeneous clusters, and energy-efficient computing framework, MPEC. He also collaborates for industry projects related to high-performance data analytics, distributed computing, and energy-efficient computing using frameworks like Spark.

Srinivas Chillara

Meenakshi Iyer

Partner, BPR & Cultural Integrator

MBA, Virginia Commonwealth Univ, USA

Meenakshi Iyer is a T-shaped professional and leader with an international and interdisciplinary career in Healthcare, Product Management, IT, HR and L&D – spanning 20+ years. She’s led many IT and non-IT transformation initiatives across India and the US. She provides training, coaching and consulting services for individuals and organizations for effective collaboration + agility across boundaries, cultural intelligence and inclusive work design. Meenakshi is fluent in four languages and has lived and worked in 10+ cities in India and the US, and is currently based in Virginia, US.

Srinivas Chillara


Chief Programmer & Technologist

BES Madras University

Creator, instigator, perplexer and ultimately resolver. A jack of all software programming decks and master of many, Ragha has pulled out rabbits from hats on more than one occasion. Languages, platforms are usually no limitations for him, but stepping stones.

Fakhri Chopdawala

Fakhri Chopdawala

Fakhri is a product and delivery rolled into one, with experience of about 25+ years. He has a wide background in domains and roles, having worked with US and European clients such as JP Morgan Chase, Playtech, WMS gaming and more. His domain strengths are gamification and financial systems. Fakhri’s knowledge and experience is crucial to defining and fine tuning modern successful digital systems.

He has substantial experience founding and working in Entrepreneurial and Start-up organizations, especially setting up of Offshore operations for North American, European organizations

Rohit Bhalunkar

Rohit Bhalunkar

Account Management & Strategy

BE Electronics, Pune University
MBA, Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies, Pune

Rohit Bhalunkar is an expert in B2B sales and marketing strategies, tactical planning for lead generation and B2B strategic account management. He has an experience of 22 years in executing software projects through his company HariSoft. He is currently working with small and medium businesses in India, UK and USA helping them built their Web presence. He likes to build tools & work on platforms for customer acquisition, engagement and experience management.

Advisory Members

Rohit Bhalunkar

Dr. Mahesh Kuruba

Consulting Experts (Visiting)

Dr Mahesh Kuruba has been in the IT Industry for over 20 years with rich international experience in Research, Product Development and Consulting. He has been assisting global customers in improving their IT Process Effectiveness and Efficiency. His areas of interest include IT Organization Design, Processes, Data Analytics, Governance and Competency Management.

He has authored a book on “Role Competency Matrix“ a Quantitative Competency Management for effective Workforce Competency Management Practices. He has authored over 21 Papers in International Conferences and Journals and a speaker in several International Conferences.