About Us

We are a group of experts with wide and expertise deep enough to get to the bottom of knotty problems. Each of us has over 20 years of experience, BUT it isn’t the years spent, but the variety of our contributions which make up our mastery. MMoG, IoT, big-data, CORBA-based ORBS, Telecom CDR processing, compiler, engine control units, rule engines, to recommendation expert systems, and of course much more mundane business applications; we have handled wide swathes of software systems. Our backgrounds have a judicious mix of breadth and depth, working with clients from Europe, UK and US, in different domains, platforms and engagement models, including designing, building, advising and teaching.

While at the core, we are software programmers, we also possess the requisite complementary skills to build high-grade server-side systems. What drives us more than anything else, is bringing to fruition, well-crafted, and sustainable code which generates real business value. At the end of the day, such software systems are what you need.

While we are not inexpensive, we are very possibly the very cost-effective in terms of time and money.

Swanspeed Consulting is compact enough for our collective expertise to be actually employable, without getting lost in some byzantine knowledge management system. Yet, we have easy recourse to a wider network of expertise if and when needed.

We believe that framing the right problem statement is half the solution. We will help you to accurately define the problem before the discussion on the solution begins. We have no legacy of bad coding habits, poor practices and antediluvian mindsets. We take ownership of providing the right solutions and equally importantly, tell you where and when we cannot: no wasting of your money or our time.

We do not intend to work on areas where we have no expertise. If we cannot provide the right solution to you, we will state that unhesitatingly. Neither you waste your time and money, nor do we.

Our Team

We are a team of diverse professionals focused on helping entrepreneurs solve problems, grow their businesses and create jobs in their communities.

Our Work

Swan Speed’s mission is to unlock the full potential of diverse and ambitious entrepreneurs to economically transform entire communities.

Our Partners

We collaborate with accomplished partners to widen our offerings. Most of our collaborators are known to us for about a decade and work smoothly with.



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