go for the pole vault, not the high jump

Our services encompass software technologies, people and process for digital success. Our strengths are Analytics and Cloud in the SMAC stack.

Innovative Consulting for solving
complex problems

Discover how SwanSpeed can help you unlock value holistically,
across technology, people, processes

We have helped clients out of pickles by handling complex problems. All of us are highly accomplished with excellent command of our respective areas, built over time and individual talent. Collectively we complement one another to provide both width and depth of expertise.

Our strengths include data analytics (DPP), architecting and programming high-end server-side systems, enabling high-performing teams in outsourcing, re-architecting for cloud, micro-services architecture, mobile ecosystems, cutting edge experimentation and crystallisation based on computer science principles.

Success Principles for the Digital World

Good all round Product Ownership is critical to creating and sustaining Success

Data fuelled systems provide crucial Competitive Advantage to your business

Mistakes are not to be feared or favoured, BUT contained; and
experimentation brings innovation

Collaborative environment is key to superior execution

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Product Rearchitecting for new generation

A product company having a successful run with many large corporate customers across India, wished, naturally, to sustain its success and grow with a next generation product. New generation of a product is attempted due to some dissatisfaction. SwanSpeed consulting engages with clients at three different levels of increasing involvement: Tell, Show and Do. We were called in to tell them what to do and show them how-to on a critical sub-system. We started with an overall assessment of the product and development/management practices.

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