White swan, dark waters!

The continual struggle in and around software development and implementation commonly witnessed is avoidable much of the time. The myriad problems and the resultant pain isn’t inevitable… Indeed we intend to prevent such problems well in time.

We can save you much time, expense, confusion and possibly nightmares in non-trivial  software endeavours. Do yourself a favour, mail info@swan-speed.com

Thinking outside the box is easy, since we are already outside the box.


We bring extensive expertise deep enough to get to the bottom of knotty problems. We have all over 20 years of experience, BUT it isn’t the years past, but the variety of our contributions which make up our mastery. CORBA-based ORBS,  MMoG, Telecom CDR processing, compiler, engine control units, rule engines, to recommendation expert systems, to much more mundane business applications we have handled wide swathes of software systems.

Swanspeed Consulting is compact enough for our collective extertise to be actually employable, without getting lost in some byzantine knowledge management system. Yet, we have easy recourse to a wider network of expertise if and when needed.


Brief profiles of the principal partners

Srinivas Chillara., B. Tech IIT Kharagpur, M.Sc Reading University, UK

Data Analytics and Scrum Expert. Drives execution and enables evidence based decision making. Over two decades of wide experience and deep knowledge. Srinivas had taken up assignments with Nokia, NSE, IONA, Oracle and many more companies and has worked in India, UK and Ireland, trained units in India, Europe, Thailand and USA. He has  track record of high impact results over the last decade.

Anand Kumar Keshavan., B. Com Delhi University

Systems architect and compiler expert. Wields computer science to attack complex problems. Led serious GNU compiler development effort. Three decades of wide experience and deep knowledge. Worked with organisations such as  Renesas, Hitachi, Ruksan, ThoughtWorks, in India, UK, USA and Japan. Often made a crucial difference in both technical and managerial roles.

Nirmalya Sengupta., B. Sc Calcutta University

Expertise in server-side architecture, employing FSM, Event-based workflow, Actors and Functional Programming techniques. Worked in India and Ireland, building  CORBA-based ORBS, Credit Card protocol handlers, MMoG, Telecom CDR processing, including a handful of other areas, all characterized by high-throughput/low-latency behaviour.

Ragha., BES Madras University

Creator, instigator, perplexer and ultimately resolver. A jack of all software programming decks and master of many, Ragha has pulled out rabbits from hats on more than one occasion. Languages, platforms are usually not limitations for him, but stepping stones.

What We Offer

Our services for various clients:

  • Investors/Venture Capitalists/ M& A
    • An independent assessment  of the technology stacks and team, to inform the decision to acquire/fund
  • Technology companies (Software services, Software Product companies)
    • Architecture Consulting
    • Creating solutions for problems that need application of deep expertise in computer science
    • Productivity improvement
  • Businesses that depend heavily on technology
    • Health check and assessment of existing IT assets
    • Creation of a enterprise architecture with a perspective of 3 to 5 years
    • Selection of relevant software products and development partners
    • General advisory services and playing the role of a “virtual” CTO’s office.


  1. Architecture Consulting
    1. Cloud strategy (in particular aws)
    2. Scalability and availability
    3. Object orientation as well as functional languages: JavaScript family, Scala and Java
    4. NoSQL as well as RDBMS
  2. Project, product and programme management consulting
    1. Scrum based
    2. Self-organised teams
  3. Coding, testing and continuous integration
    1. Java, Scala and Javascript platforms
    2. Cloud as well as in-house servers

Code of Ethics

We subscribe to the following:

  1. Confidentiality – We will treat client information as confidential and will neither take personal advantage of privileged information gathered during an assignment nor enable others to do so.
  2. Unrealistic Expectations – We will refrain from encouraging unrealistic expectations or promising clients that benefits are certain from specific consulting services.
  3. Commissions / Financial Interests – We will neither accept commissions, remuneration nor other benefits from a third party in connection with recommendations to a client without the client’s knowledge and consent, nor fail to disclose any financial interest in goods or services which form part of such recommendations.
  4. Assignments – We will accept only assignments which the member has the skills and knowledge to perform.
  5. Conflicting Assignments – We will avoid acting simultaneously in potentially conflicting situations without informing all parties in advance that this is intended.
  6. Conferring with Client – We will ensure that before accepting any engagement, a mutual understanding of the objectives, scope, workplan and fee arrangements has been established and that any personal, financial or other interests which might influence the conduct of the work have been disclosed.
  7. Recruiting – We will refrain from inviting an employee of a client to consider alternative employment without prior discussion with the client.
  8. Other Consultants – All partners will ensure that other consultants carrying out work on behalf of the member are conversant with and abide by this code of conduct.
Insipred by the Australian Insitute of Management Consultants.


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